Versace Basket- Tissue Box

Versace Basket- Tissue Box



Product Features:

  • Size (inches): Basket: H=12, W=10. Tissue Box: H=3, W= 9.
  • Usage: waste basket, tissue paper box


  • Handle with care
  • Clean it with a micro-fiber duster
  • Do not use detergents or OTC products for cleaning it may decolorize the product

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Versace Basket- Tissue Box

Check out Versace Basket- Tissue Box beautiful trash can and wooden tissue box, black and gold in Versace design. Versace Basket- Tissue Box elegant wastebasket and tissue holder will enhance the look of your room. This set of baskets and tissue boxes can a great housewarming gift! You can use it in a bathroom or your bedroom, where ever it goes with the design and ambiance of the room. Match it to your black and gold décor! It will go nicely in many different spaces! Our wastebaskets are a vibrant and elegant addition to any bathroom, bedroom, or living room!

Versace Basket- Tissue Box






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