Rose-gold cutlery set

Rose-gold cutlery set


Rose-gold cutlery set with new mirror polish  including knife, fork and spoon. Extra-Fine polished stainless steel, beautifully designed to resist rust and corrosion, while also ensuring long-lasting color and shine. 4pcs elegant matte mirror finished cutlery set, smooth edge no rough spots, proper gauge thickness and weight to hold comfortably Simple appearance with no redundant annoying decoration, classic design to fit any style kitchen tableware

Advantages: Corrosion resistance, rust resistance, solid, never bend.


  • Handle with care
  • Clean it with micro-fiber duster
  • Do not use detergents or OTC products for cleaning it may decolorize the product

Size (inches): Knife 9.5, Fork 8.5, Large Spoon 8.5, Small Spoon 5.9.

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