Green Skewer Plate

Green Skewer Plate

  • Green Skewer Plate


    Green Skewer Plate, perfect to serve your guests and family dry fruits, nuts, and other eatables. This unique elegant tray is made of Antique material with a unique design,  which makes it attractive and a sustainable and renewable resource that makes it eco-friendly. It is long-lasting, and can also withstand moisture or heat in the kitchen with ease. You can also use this tray in your living room as a decorative item because its texture is actually an antique design.

    Benefits of  Emerald Skewer Plate:

    • Material: ceramic porcelain .
    • Eco-Friendly: Its material is biodegradable which makes it eco-friendly.
    • Durable & Long lasting:  It is durable and resolute which makes it lasts for many years.
    • Simple and Stylish: It unique pattern makes it attractive as well as stylish
    • Easy to Clean: smooth surface made of high quality material makes it very easy to clean.
    • Size : 8 inches lower plate, 4.5 inches upper plate


    • Handle with care
    • Clean it with a micro-fiber duster
    • Do not use detergents or OTC products for cleaning it may decolorize the product
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