Versace Basket- Tissue Box

Tissue Holders

Price and other details may vary based on Tissue Holders size and color. AenZayHomes Modern Tissue Boxes Cover Holder for kitchen & Dinings is best for cleansing.

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Cutlery Holders and tissue holders:

Similarly, It is important to store all kitchen knives properly and safely daily use and their sharpness. These stylish organizers are Trimble. Therefore, they are put in every drawer.
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  • Versace Basket- Tissue Box



    Product Features:

    • Size (inches): Basket: H=12, W=10. Tissue Box: H=3, W= 9.
    • Usage: waste basket, tissue paper box


    • Handle with care
    • Clean it with a micro-fiber duster
    • Do not use detergents or OTC products for cleaning it may decolorize the product
  • Tissue Box with Beige Lid


    Elegant tissue paper box for bathroom vanity countertops and bedroom.

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